The Lost and Found point was located at the Fan Fest venue near the information point. In the event of loss or finding of an item, fans addressed to the Lost and Found service. They neded to fill out forms at the Information point.
Prohibited items

You can request information about the lost and forgotten items at the FIFA Fan Fest™ in Kazan via e-mail at the following address: (Polina).

People visiting the Fan Fest with kids were advised to come up to the Fan Fest information point. At the information point they received a special wristband for the kid indicating the child's name and the telephone number of parents or accompanying persons in case a child got lost.

The FIFA Fan Fest™ was a Free Wi-Fi Internet zone (FAN_FREE_WIFI). To get an access to the Wi-Fi, fans received a key via SMS at their first connection.

The smoking area equipped according to the fire safety regulations was located within the territory of the Fan Fest.

To ensure the comfortable environment and accommodation of physically challenged people, a special area with a hard surface podium was installed at the stadium. Dedicated routes for an easier transportation within the Fan Fest territory were developed.

To ensure the most comfortable experience for physically challenged people at the territory of the Fan Fest, a request for visiting the FIFA Fan Fest™ via email to was needed.